24 March 2009

the weekend

mr clown is sad. cos he doesn't know what will happen to him next

i had the best weekend! it was like a photography marathon for me.

saturday, i was at putrajaya right after classes with kasyah. ya, out of the blue. ended up meeting zaidi there (he's always alone everywhere he goes therefore we three hung out together). the hot air balloon fiesta really was a big thing. though it is already day 3.

i think if malaysia book of records representatives were there, that event can be named as "the most photographers at an event".

met a few more other photographer kakis.. it's a great event!

the tyre of a panther

as for sunday, i went to the kl vintage and classic car concourse at titiwangsa lake. vintage cars that are polished to shine til it blinds your eyes.

i didn't manage much shots here as there were too many people. The reflection of people on the shiny cars really dampens the mood to capture any picures. I want a 'clean' car, not a car with so many people 'in' it. thus there wasn't much.

an impromptu hike up broga hill with kasyah and zul78. we took a longer route instead as none of us know which route to take. there were so many mosquitoes. they come and attack you like a swarm of bees. i thought it'll be just like any other mosquito bites but it turned out otherwise! both my arms are covered with red blothes/spots. run your fingers on my arms and you'll be getting a bumpy ride.

it's the second day now after the hike. it still itches like mad.

more pictures on my flickr.



the other side of the clown is happy though =)

rainingheaven said...

yes yes.. haha.. but i dunno why i took this side. .thus coming out with a story.. haha.. not many ppl noticed it was two sided

Grace said...

hahah poor mr clown

althoough... i really want to take a big needle and pop him *evil laugh*

rainingheaven said...

hi grace!

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