09 March 2009


it's been raining for the longest time today. more than 12 hours i supposed.

the rain in the morning was great as it means i can sleep more plus it was a public holiday! i slept til the sun was at my butt.

eventually i got bored because the rest of the day i didn't know what to do. thought of hanging out but the rain really dampens almost everyone's mood of getting out of the house.

oh well, tomorrow is another long day. i just wished my weekend didn't end so soon.


Clarisse Teagen said...

lol. everyone wants that few extra hours :P
I see my mom move herself to get out of bed while she grumbles all the way hahaha.she's funny

rainingheaven said...

hi clarisse!

i think that's what everyone does when it rains in the early morning of a working day.

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