03 March 2009

fmdc amazing photorace 2009

it was indeed amazing! kudos to the admins for a great job in organising the photorace for all of us on february 28th. a fun-filled race from 9am right up to 6pm. with 16 teams that has 3 members each. the streets of kl and kl sentral were filled with photographers running around completing their tasks.

my team - scorpion merah which consists of izad, ju and me had great fun. it was our first time meeting one another. what more with izad who is widely known as hatemaster in both blogging and flickr. i wonder how many years have we known each other. it was during our studying days.

we may have submitted wrong pictures for wrong categories, have wrong answers to the treasure hunt questions and did not win anything but it was a day that i felt i had gain knowledge, experience and friends.

it was all worth it.

below are two pictures that we submitted for two categories.

1. reflection on the street (this is a compulsory picture - that's me and izad)

2. five


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rainingheaven said...

keyword : will do. thanks for the info :)

nurinkhairi said...

i know hatemaster :D

rainingheaven said...

nurinkhairi : wow.. what a small world. same uni?

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