29 March 2009

end of march

sorry for the lack of updates. wasn't free to do so. not even free to do so at the office. only managed to update my plurk and twitter.

here's the good stuff that happened.

  • i got my name in sign language
  • i got a yashica fx-3 super 2000 with its standard 50mm (f2-f16) lens and an additional 35-70mm (f3.5-f22) lens
  • i attended a short seminar on wedding photography
  • i got to meet some photographer buddies
  • i got my sister to model for my friends
  • i got some news from my cancerlink brothers

here's the not good stuff that happened.

  • the screwup shuttle bus from picc to putrajaya sentral
  • the cab driver who doesn't know the way to picc, took me around putrajaya, i have to look for signboards, blamed it on me and made me pay extra rm5. f*ck you cab drivers. if don't know the roads, don't be cab driver
  • the delayed ktm which made me reach home at 10.30 after waiting for about an hour 30 minutes. but it was still better than mummooze who waited from 7 something and was on broad the same train as me.
  • the rain almost every evening (can't you dear rain only do it at night)
  • the depleting money in my account
  • the firefox which is on error most of its time

well, that's all i can remember. =D screw short term memory!!

so basically here's one of my weeks in march.

ok, got to go iron some clothes for the week. hate wearing formal to work. if only i have a uniform then i won't have to spend money on formal attires.

tata.. will let you know once the model shoot pictures from this morning is up on my flickr (maybe in ths coming week)



i know my name in sign language as well =)

KTM komuter is almost always delayed everyday... very unreliable... but i depend on it sometimes because I hate traffic jams even more.

rainingheaven said...

ihsan : mine is the alphabet M with one action.. yourS? haha.. eh, you know sign language also?

yalor.. ktm is like that wan la. .what to do.. i had to rely on it. no kereta and the stop in mid valley is the ktm

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