22 February 2009

thean hou temple

finally, my thean hou temple photos. i really thought i needed to post-process these pictures after i took them and i didn't have time to relook at them to make sure if i really needed to post-process any of it.

yesterday, i was super free. i clicked through those pictures and realised i didn't need to post-process any of it. the colours turns out great. everything turns out fine (obviously to my lowly standards) . so all i did was added a black frame to it. and walah!!

so here's the pictures! also seen in my flickr

lanterns from top

lanterns from side

lanterns from bottom

more lanterns!

candles in shape of lotus

fixing the faulty bulb


syntheticsoul said...

nice photos!

rainingheaven said...


Op said...

great colours!
very ong!

rainingheaven said...

op, mesti la ong.. masa tu chinese new year..

Syazsy said...

cantik syiiyottt

Ashikin Abdullah said...

fuiyooo. stunning.

rainingheaven said...

thanks ashikin!

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