14 February 2009

new items up for grabs!

sundayhearts has updated and there are now new things up for grabs! hurry up before it's gone!

1. handpainted glass jar
these jars are really handpainted. no worries, you can wash them like how you would wash a jar. :)
it's suitable for you to store almost anything - macaronis, buttons, sweets, jellies etc. ONLY FOR RM13 (excluding postage) ONLY 2 DESIGNS AVAILABLE - 1 EACH!

2. decorative paper clay in frames
made of paper clay on wooden frames. it's handpainted. can't wash under water but you can wipe it in with a damp cloth. decorate your room, living room, dining room or anywhere! ONLY FOR RM25 (excluding postage) ONLY 2 DESIGNS AVAILABLE - 1 EACH

3. roses on clogs
handpainted children clogs. your child/niece/nephew can wear it or you can hang it for decoration! ONLY FOR RM13 (excluding postage) ONLY 1 LEFT!

email sundayhearts at sundayhearts[AT]
or drop by their site at

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