11 February 2009

my happy purchase

i'm happy cos i got a good bargain on a pair of shoes.

i saw this pair of shoes i think about a year or two back. i love it the moment i saw it. however, at the point of time, i didn't need a pair. i was tempted but i managed to brush it aside.

i think that pair of shoes ran out of stock or made way for new stock until i saw it again a few months back. i was tempted to get it. but i didn't because of the price tag of RM59.90. it's quite pricey for a pair of black court shoes.

this time, i really needed a pair of black court shoes. i was looking around for something similar to my "wanted" pair. and guess what! i found it! i found it yesterday! i found the same pair at the 70% corner!

i didn't wait anymore. i asked for my size (i wear size 9 for that cutting) and happy that they have my size. tried it and in 2 minutes, i've purchased it for RM17.95.

you should have seen the look of my face as i walked out of the store with my "wanted" pair of shoes cheaper by RM41.93. i think i was jumping for joy. that's a lot of money which i can use to buy other items.

i'm wearing it now. loving everyday with the shoes. finally, a happy purchase.

ps: i'm not the kind of girl who owns so many pairs of shoes. come to think of it, now i only have this black shoes and my slipper. yes, that's all i have.

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