05 February 2009

mini sab reunion

this sab reunion organised by smashpop is very cute. 'coz all of us from different graduating years. but it was good as we can still relate to most of the people that we talked about.

it has been ages since i last saw puileng and jiok swan. i think the last i saw them was after they left form5. that's like 7 years back! *check calculations with fingers* correct!

so since our wonderful smashpop is the only one with the group photo - what else! cilok la!

great day, hope to do it again and hope more sabians will come along.. how about you sabians leave your direct contacts to me and if dear ketua organiser plans something, then i'll let you all know. how does that sound? deal!


Maya Helmi said...

haiya...miss u all!!!chris nampak gemuk lor..hehehe

rainingheaven said...

maya! ye la.dia pun ngaku.

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