02 February 2009

a great time with a great person

we ended up in mid valley this evening since we had no idea where to go. i found out that oasis is open! so there'll be the usual pan mee for lunch tomorrow. yeah! i missed the pan mee.

we ended up talking and talking from one place to another. i was surprised that i actually talked that much! laughed and chatted. darn, they say laughing makes one forget things faster. it's bad enough i have short term memory and with the laughing, i hope every detail is still intact to my brain or else i'll need to hotwire my brain.

here's model structure of london bridge. it's pretty dusty. it collects dust faster than anything.

a friend in london commented that the structure is a nice one and at least it does not have so much dust compared to the real bridge. haha. also day 33's picture

oh darn, i am missing that great person.

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