23 January 2009

what the feng shui master said about me

here's what feng shui master, master goon gim horng has to say to all tigers around. well, he actually talked about all 12 animal signs in the sun today. but me being a tiger (darn, you now know how old i am) will only mention of the tiger of course.

you will be popular this year and should use this time to participate in more social activities to reaop the benefits.

you should gain greater authority or responsiblities adn this will be a good time to prove yourself.

however, do not get carried away as challengers this year will be sudden and harsh. people might even put you down unexpectedly or a suden crisis might appear from thin air.

you will need to be alert and prepared for all possiblities. be careful not to allow yourself to be duped. there is a strong indication that you wil lbe cheated or even get robbed.

this year, males will have better luck than females. females need to work with males or seek help from males to improve their luck.

your health will be average and your wealth will be below average. you tend to overspend and your gambling luck will be weaker than usual.

note to self:

  • social activities (considered that done - waiting for ila to inform me of upcoming events
  • greater responsibilities (ongoing)
  • prepared to be put down unexpectedly and have a sudden crisis
  • be alert with happenings
  • do not bring a lot of cash around
  • work with MALES more
  • prepared to masuk hospital
  • no need to gamble (i don't gamble anyway)
  • need to make more money

now, back to work and i can't wait to go home.


nami o fish said...

how about rat???anything luck?
because i haven't struck with any luck since november 2007..huhu!

rainingheaven said...

google from the sun website and read the news. i dont have the paper with me now

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