19 January 2009

update on project 366-1

phew! four days of not updating for project 366-1. sorry sorry. been busy.

so here's update for day 16

this is a picture that i took while acoompanying my two friends shopping. not quite sure what is in the box. i think it's those printed shoes. can't be clothes right?

day 17

this is mabel! she got confirmed on that day. and the hiaw her wore green contact lenses. no, she's not even close to far or near-sighted.

day 18

KLPAC open day! was there only for about 2's an art piece by stringing ping pong balls. wasted i totally never thought of taking it from the top. silly me

day 19!

found on today that utusan malaysia has changed its look - the mastheads on sunday. so new look for utusan malaysia to usher the new year! kudos! so when are you guys going tabloid size? *hints hints*

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