05 January 2009

sundayhearts : mobile and pixels!

SundayHearts is by us three sisters providing you our handmade art & crafts, jewellery, plushies, keychains and more!

Currently added into our list are mobile phone blings and pixel chains! Below are some of the products. View more at SundayHearts

How to order? Email and send in your particulars and the item's details. Will update you with more of our SundayHearts products soon.



tc said...

Nice necklace chain!!

rainingheaven said...

thank you!

.abell.habil. said...

hehehe.abell pernah buat weekend project macam necklace diskettes tu.heheh.time 6 tahun. yang pakai iron tu kan?heheh.tapi abell dah buat semua melt.heheh.

rainingheaven said...

abell : yupz.. hehe.. check the heat la abell..bukannye ko gosok just need the right heat and the right paper.

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