01 January 2009

recap for 2008

recap for the year of 2008.

january 2008
  • first post in bahasa malaysia
  • ended my internship - done with degree!
february 2008
  • started lisaluqman (i think it's time for you all to know about its existance after a year)
  • represented girl guides of malaysia for the international youth seminar
march 2008
  • started working for the company i did my internship
  • airasia walk-in interview for the sake of en faisal nahrowi at impiana hotel
  • my 1st newspaper reading record : 50 sets in one day
april 2008
  • attended rentak juara round 1
may 2008
  • ktm 'cockpit' ride
  • national youth day which was surprisingly held in the evening
  • 1st labour day as a coolie aka labour
june 2008
  • 1st fmdc outing to genting
  • 1st lomo outing around kl without a lomocam
july 2008
  • went to LAMAN 2008
  • happy that berita harian has changed to tabloid size
  • convocation at nikkon hotel
august 2008
  • confirm as a permanent staff at MKH
  • 2nd lomo outing at brickfields - heritage trail
september 2008
  • admitted to emergency unit - suspected for apendicitis
  • fasting
  • company trip to hanoi
october 2008
november 2008
  • 1st model shoot with sifu napie
december 2008
  • attended 1st fashion show - m-ifw
  • 1st xmas eve celebrated out of home with zzoux

i guess that practically wraps up 2008! happy new year to all!


Syazsy said...

nice shots y' have mell. bila nak kuar photo outing ngan akuu.. hahah.

happy new year bebeh :)))

Syazsy said...

nways. muka kau mcm familiar lah. kau dulu sekolah menengah mana?

Op said...

lengkap xtvt setahun ek

rainingheaven said...

shaz : bila senang, then boleh la kuar. biasa senang ahad je.. isnin to friday keje ofis, saturday kena jadi teacher... tinggal sunday je la.

sekolah? dulu sekolah kat smk aminuddin baki..wait.. it took you so long to ask me that question ka? hahaha...

op : biasa la recap je.. senang nak tgk balik..

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