06 January 2009

project 366-1 : name card

for day 6, i'll show you my new name card! i got two boxes of it. no difference with the old one except for the title. now now, what will i do with the previous 1 11/12 box of cards?
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  • cards
  • collage
  • backings
haha...nonsense from me.. so here's an ugly shot from my nokia 7390 of the new name card!

thank god i did not put my chinese name in the card or else all of you will know of it. haha..

in addition to that, during the staff meeting today, we'll be having the annual 'sau kung fan' in 2 weeks time. it's the year-end annual dinner according to the chinese tradtition apparently. but i personally think that it is same with any other year-end annual dinner.

ps : having to take pictures using my phone makes me appreciate both my nikon and sony more.


Op said...

what i do with my old namecard:
-pass it out for free gift during exhibition/seminar
-keep some in my laptop bag. just incase my namecard holder running out of the new namecard.

rainingheaven said...

op : sounds like a good idea..that's if i have exhibition/seminar to go to.. i have a few in almost every bag that i own. thus the missing 1/12 of it. :)

thisiskj said...

tak bagi satu pun.. merajuk..

rainingheaven said...

dear kj, i just got it yesterday la. how to bagi u.

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