05 January 2009

project 366-1 : jan 1 to jan 5

i was called to do project 366-1 after since i couldn't complete 365 days of self potraits whereby my viewers got bored of me after two weeks what more another 300 over days.

therefore, now i'm on my journey on project 366-1. here, i'm to take a picture a day - any picture that is (much relax right?)

here's my update on the pictures from january 1st up to today

january 1
the road at klpac heading towards the koi centre. if you don't go find the koi centre, you won't know it's there. it really has a nice japanese feel and the kois are really huge!!!

january 2
after the wedding ceremony of mawi and ekin (malaysia's top wedding of the year 2008) which also received wide coverage on print and electronic media, they now grace the covers of the 2009 diaries. too much of them, it makes me sick

january 3
classes begins today. one of my sporting student who when asked if i could take her picture, this is the pose that she gave. her name is jin er. talkative girl with a husky voice

january 4
this is en shahrir who is my primary schoolmate but we never talked much in school (different classes) until about 10 years later (2008) recently, we have been hanging out quite a lot with faisal - mostly the three of us

january 5
mr mickey mouse used to sit on top of the tissue box cover. however he decided not to sit on the tissue box cover anymore and decided to sit on a rug instead


doraemon1972 said...

ur jan 2nd pic makes me wanna puke...

cheersss and a happy new year...

rainingheaven said...

doraemon!! long time no see.. yeah.. i wanted to puke too

doraemon1972 said...

there's a thin line between "highly promoted" and "overly promoted", don't you think so?

rainingheaven said...

i'm not too sure what does this counts as. i doubt it is overly.. it is exaggerated

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