09 January 2009

project 366-1 : day 7 to day 9

update for day 7, day 8 and day 9! woohoots!

the book that i'm currently reading. a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini. it's the best book i ever read in the past 6 months. from the where i last read (only 1/2 of the book), it talks of love, polygamy, war, war of gender, movies and many more. issues that relate to the heart. awesome book. go get a copy for your reading pleasure. that's me with the book cover.

chinese new year is coming. nothing is done at my house yet. unlike mid valley which is now filled to the brim with red and pink lanterns, typical chinese cart booths and the really chinese music. this is mid valley's centre court.

just now before i took my bath, i trimmed my fringe/bangs. it was long and you can actually see my balding forehead. this picture tells you how i would look like without any partings.

oh and yes.. remember the previous enty i mentioned about my twitching eye? (click here). it is still blardy twitching!! so darn irritating!!!


AQisH said...

i do experienced this twitching eye a few months back for weeks n yess it was really irritating kan..some say we gonna see someone who we seldom meet and some says we gonna cry..but nothing happened actually i think it is just a myth ;-)

Cmate said...

It's too red for my CNY - MId Valley Centre Court... don't like it at all!

rainingheaven said...

aqish : myths..haha.. we'll wait and see if anything happens.. :)

cmate : yupz it's really red.. they just soften it with a tinge of pink.

.abell.habil. said...

eeee.takuttt.lisa,rambut hantu.takuuuttt.;DD

rainingheaven said...

abell : dh agak dh.. haha..

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