22 January 2009

MKH annual dinner and blanks

back to the 3 day post. i am really busy these days.

had MKH's annual dinner the typical chinese way. you wouldn't believe where the dinner was held. it was at pudu plaza's food court. end stall by the name of "hong kong restaurant". rm800 for about 8-10 dishes consisting of fish, chicken, the usual. but for a stall at the pudu plaza food court (minus the price tag), i was rather surprised! okok, we didn't know what we will be having since we gave the chef rm800 for him to come out with something for us. surprise surprise was what he gave us.

here's a picture of the "restaurant". oh, forgot to tell you, the chef is only able to handle 4 tables at one go. nothing more than that.

here's picture day 20 - my colleague, hwei

i ran out of ideas on what picture i should be taking for day 21. i was busy thus i didn't think of the day's picture. end up at dad's place and saw those bottles of paints arranged in such a way. took a few shots of almost every angle i think. somehow, i still like this one as the colour dots looked like a troop of army during merdeka day march.

i totally forgot about today's picture until i reached home. walked around house to look for source of inspiration but found nothing thus i returned to my tsunami swept room and found the book that i'm reading. p.s. i love you by cecelia ahern. so far, story is good. it made me want to read more and it really touches the soul. sometimes you would wonder if you will ever get someone in life just like gerry. if you have not read the book or watch the movie, please do so. i'm not going to spill the storyline. not even a little.


Hapi said...

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rainingheaven said...

thanks for dropping by. i'm going to get a favicon done soon after reading your entry. thanks so much! owe it to you since i've been trying to figure out how to get one done. thanks!

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