16 January 2009

down memory lane

fika found something interesting stashed in his computer. dated back in 2003, it is the combined gathering of the 4th pudu rangers, 14 & 15th pudu coy and the stallion scout troup. the first after so many years and the one before all of us left form 5.

as you can see, this is the sketch of the day. a sketch that is enough to entertain everyone broken into 2 parts for intermission. i was that girl you see in white with that braided hair. yes, the hair was that long then. now it is slightly shorter. and the guy standing next to me is christoper.. eh chris, any idea ah kau is you or me? since the other one is ah mao. i'm glad that we broke the ice which now brings to more campfires to our juniors.

ah, i still remember those days like it was just yesterday. i miss those times. the times where you have spend so much time on guiding that even your tuition teacher said that you had to stop all those crap. sad it was. but obviously i didn't listen to him. how could he! maybe because he was afraid that i'll ruin his reputation as a tutor.

i wish to go back to SAB again. my juniors before i left school will be in lower 6 soon. need to go make some friends with the juniors now. but with work all year round, how is this going to happen? :( it really kills me that i'm being pushed aside at the headquarters. now relying on an outside source (a member from the mbwp board) to feed me with mbwp activities. that's the closest i can go. sad sad..

ps: thanks fika for the video. though at that year, i have no idea who you were and we only got to know each other 2-3 years later. thanks again!


Maya Helmi said...

i also wish to go back to SAB again.......but what can we do unless you have the 'laci doraemon' so that you can go back to SAB again.

rainingheaven said...

yalor.. aih.. rindu sama SAB

Tokyo BLUE said...

SAB tu ape?

rainingheaven said...

oh dearie.. SAB is the initials to the name of my high school - Sekolah Aminuddin Baki..

walaupun they use smkab now. which is so lengthy.. we still call it SAB :)

Fong said...

Hey Melissa! This is Wai Fong, if you still remember. Hahahaha. Do you know where I can get back the full recording of the gathering?I kind spoilt it years ago. Lols.

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