30 January 2009

CNY break project 366-1

alright..i got back on thursday and i have tons of pictures in my memory card. did a photoshoot of my small home town - selama and a few other places in deeper parts of selama. will upload those once i've arranged them to my satisfaction

day 24 : in the car during the longest journey back to the hometown. it took us additional 2 hours plus due to massive traffic jam

day 25 : the reunion dinner on CNY eve. uncle brought HUGE prawns and i mean really huge. they measure from my wrist to elbow without those long legs.

day 26 : found this notice on the pillar next to a store. hah, surprisingly, policemen also do graffitti in such ways

day 27 : the trunk of the thorny tree. no idea what tree is it. it only has leaves.

day 28 : the tall cotton tree!!!

day 29 : CNY delicacy - the mat fong tau aka beehive

day 30 : almond cookies coated with chocolate and white chocolate streaks (which is not applied yet at the time picture was taken)

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