26 December 2008

xmas eve at bukit bintang

I made my first Christmas by celebrating it with Zzoux who was on assignment by capturing the scenario of Bukit Bintang on Christmas Eve.

The crowd was wild. I panicked seeing the sea of people. I am fine with them spraying coloured strings on others but why must they spray it at another stranger's eyes? Why must they spray it at oncoming vehicles who needed to use the road to get to their destination? The black car came out white at the end of the road. What more the poor motorcyclist who has covered with foam and coloured strings?

The worst part of all is when they started throwing their empty spray cans at the vehicles. How uncivilised Malaysians are. We are all fine with you enjoying yourself with those spray cans which can be said some what equivalent with snow but throwing those cans around is unforgivable by all means.

Tourists didn't understand why Malaysians behave like that on that day. They asked us if it happens every year. Zzoux said yes. The tourist couple just smiled and said, "Snow to them".

Out of the hundred that was on the streets of Bukit Bintang, many didn't realise that the clock struck twelve except for a small group of five that did the 10-seconds countdown and no one listened or joined them in chorus.

I hope for New Year, they would not be spraying at another's eyes or throwing empty spray cans around.

*I think DBKL made money by recycling those thousands of spray cans that was being littered at the whole stretch of street.

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