08 December 2008

the weekend

the weekend plus one day extra holiday flew by in a blink of an eye. due to the rain, i was stuck at home. what a way to spend my 3-day off.

went to taman bukit cahaya on saturday for a bicycle ride. my butt was hurt by the bumps during the ride. the ride was great especially going downhill but not so fun when going uphill.

i spent sunday and today just plainly home cos of the rain. i watch tv all sunday and did some pixel art. will show you the photos soon.

as for today, i did ironing for the longest time. now my back hurts as i can't be sitting straight while ironing. haha..

oh well, tomorrow is the MPRA 2008 awards night and i have to be there not because i want to. aih.. i would rather spend family time at home. oh well, i wonder what time it'll end since wednesday is also a working day. darn!

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