18 December 2008

wednesday and today

i took leave long ago for wednesday. used it to go to college to collect my certificate. my long awaited certificate which is so huge! it's like carrying a mounting board up and down.

the cert all the way from australia

headed for times square and jusco maluri for some shopping. the reason for shopping is because my company gave us RM200 to spent on clothes. in order to get our rm200, we have to buy first, present receipt and later get the rm200. i spent a total of rm200.70 for 5 clothes and 2 pants. haha... really maximizing those cash.

the clothes


ah.. today is the gift exchange at the office. the day we became santas and find out who our santa is. i expect only a gift from my santa. however, i came home with three gifts from my santa, lady-boss and mary.

couldn't get enough of headbands that i purchased 2 more. wanted to go get more different colours. feels like getting all of them to make them rainbow coloured. yes, i know i only have one head and i can't be wearing all 1947287 headbands.

carollers (did i spell it correctly) visited the house today. usual activity for christmas.

the carolers

ah.. christmas is around the corner. what are your plans?

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