30 December 2008

twitching left eye & ktm

my eye has been twitching the whole day. wait! it's more than 24 hours. it actually started twitching since friday the 26th. it's really irritating. it effects what i'm doing.

was out on saturday to two most wonderful buildings in kl. the old railway station aka kl ktm station and the ktmb building across the road. the building is well kept to me. no peeling paints, no moss, no nothing. perfecto!

here's some pictures that i took.

Twin seats. The seats are those of the KTM Intercity Trains being left at the walkway heading towards the station

Part of the old train station which is now the KL KTM Station. Heritage Station Hotel is still housed in this building.

The tip of KTM Building tower facing the blue skies.

The renowned squared stairs at the KTM Building which is one of Kuala Lumpur's heritage building apart from the KL KTM Station.

The beautiful white spiral stairs found in the KTM Building

The arched KTM Building. Makes me feel like I was at Coliseum. :)

view them large at my flickr


AQisH said...

happy new year melissa..keep up the gud work!

rainingheaven said...

aqish! happy new year to you too! may you have a good year ahead!

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