02 December 2008

my bm went down the drain

my bm went down the drain today.

i have to go learn up bm economic terms fast. i don't know what is aset biaya naik. i don't know any exact economic terms in bm at all.

and guess what happen earlier today. someone superior asked me what's the meaning of the word ugut. without thinking i answered 'bribe'. then when she walked away did i realise i answered her wrongly as ugut means threaten whereas bribe is rasuah.

this is what you get apabila headache macam sial, orang pun jadi gila.



nizaati said...

u can go to and translate the>eng or eng>bm ;-p

rainingheaven said...

hey hey.. yes i use that website too.. tapi terms takle nak guna tu sbb translate word by word. thanks anyway.

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