11 December 2008

mid valley madness

it was chaotic at mid valley today. not only were there a LOT of people, there were also a LOT of cars and a LOT of traffic jam plus a LOT of honking.

from my office at the 7th floor, i can hear the drivers honking at their hearts desire. the traffic was really bad. the amount of people at the mall itself was a disaster. it is similar to the bazaar ramadhan at masjid india only that it is not shoulder to shoulder crawl. but still!!

all thanks to the public holiday at the state of selangor. the holiday was declared because it is the birthday of the wonderful sultan which kuala lumpur do not have. i miss holidays!!!


met up with nic and his friend michael. they will be going to singapore tomorrow thus were in mid valley during some last minute "survival" shopping on tidbits. we later headed to OUG for a walk at the pasar malam and had dinner.

nic is a wonderful friend though i've only known him since the sony double exposure seminar which i'm sure i didn't talk much to him at all but eventually got to know him better during the PD shoot, he's a funny person.

speaking of him, when are you DE gang planning to hang out again??

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