03 December 2008

journey of the double exposure posers

Out of hundreds that auditioned,
We are the lucky 30
To be in Malaysia’s First Photography Reality Show
Double Exposure!

Soon to come for 30 of us
We’ll see one by one leave
As there will only be one winner
Who will get the prizes

With our high spirits
We see each day as a challenge
Never let the results
Dampen our spirits in photography

Remember, each of us are winners
As we bring with us everywhere
The most valuable gift of all
29 new friends with different characters

We may not have spend a lot of time together
But with the 29 numbers each of us have
We will be able to do wonders
And colour the lives of one another


Izad said...

hebat gilerr

rainingheaven said...

thanks izad!

Rafique said...

ermmm... she's memang da bom...hebat just beginning to start my dear... expand the interest and knowledge...u'll be someday the near future ...gambatte kudasai

rainingheaven said...

rafique! thanks for the compliments. i know this is just the beginning of things. now i see a lot more better :)

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