10 December 2008


i have less than 24 hours to make my decision. my future path in my company. associate or coordinator? associate? coordinator? so menyusahkan thinking of it. should i put family first or myself in this picture? but i want everyone to be happy with my decision too - my undecided decision as of now.

oh darn.. i don't know what to think anymore. my head is aching so badly. i feel like banging my head against the wall.

i miss my girl guides.
i miss my scouts.
i miss my photographers.
i miss my lomographers.

i miss you all!! if only i can see you all and lepaskan all the stress i have in me. only with all of you that i am able to let go of matters that are clogged up in my head.

where are you all? anyone of you going for RANTAI? i'm really curious with what will be happening there. so, if so happen that any of you are going, let me know ok? i want to join too! tak nak gi sorang!

oh ya.. lupa lupa! guess what happened today? my pants koyak!!! luckily it was after i bought lunch back to the office and not when i'm outside having lunch.. malu sial. thank god for all the girls in the office at the moment while the gents were out lunch-ing. thanks mary for finding me the sewing kit. thanks a lot..... aku malu sial!!!

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