14 November 2008


i had my review on tuesday. it wasn't a good one i would say because i'm being asked question that i have been asking myself for the past year.

1. i can't see myself in pr line yet.

2. why did i take pr in the first place?

3. administration coordination or client servicing?

4. how about photography? (psst.. i love photography more..)

darn.. the most clueless review i have ever had. wait, i only had 2 reviews in as of today. my heart hurts when she asked me why i studied pr for my degree as according to her pr agencies seldom take pr graduates as their employees. i myself has been asking this question to me since sem 2o f degree. i have zero idea why i am stuck in pr since everyone can do pr and not everyone can be an engineer, architect, pilot, etc. why why? why am i here?

i want to run. but where can i run? how do i run?

i'm lost. really lost. i don't really know what i want in life.

i'm a failure.


Syazsy said...

hye mel. its syaz. well i feel the same too at some point. and sometime i would even sit at the corner of my room and asking myself....

'where am i going?'

'what the hell am i doing?'

is this what i supposed to be doing?'

and oh yes... i love camera soo much than everything.

i love anything that has something to do with visual arts.

dont worry you're not the only one feeling like this. i feel the same too.

and NO. we are not failure.



Dato' Fazly said...

hey syazsy.. anyway melissa.. we all feel lost at some point in our life...

dun fret.. we are not losers or falures =)

*group hug*

Rafique said...

yalah ... c'mon la Liss nobody perfect ... like you knew that one day you like photography more than what you do just right now... if compared to you ... I would be the one who totally sucked up... study for accounting...working not related at all photography since secondary school ... but then stuck up ... just learn to love what you like to do and enjoy the best part of your work rather than put the WORST thing in your AF view ...hihi ... you did not fail ... but just woke up... so feel the gentle morning breeze while facing the harsh sun beam shining on your face ... enjoy life both hard and easy ... cheerio

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