02 November 2008

2 days

sorry for not updating the past few days. been rather busy. on friday, i headed straight to jln yap kwan seng as the fmdc group had a tt session along with kc (knowledge cafe) - so abg zul helped me to understand more about flash and lighting and the most important manual mode. he even brought his umbrella there. imagine the looks of people wondering why was he opening the umbrella indoors.

abg aji also helped me yesterday. he brought me to somewhere around hkl. he taught me on the manual mode as well. we tested on light trail and how to make the light to a shape of a star.

haha, i know i sucked at photography at this very moment. going out to practise more on manual mode for now! ps: heading to klcc at around 1pm for some dog/animal show something along the line. if you happen to be there, hope we meet!

thanks abg zul and abg aji. many many thanks. i owe you both a lot and the rest of the fmdc-ians as well!


thafiexq said...

dH pandai snap my pic ek

rainingheaven said...

u ni kan sentiasa dan selalu ade dlm list saya.. ko takkan dpt lari nye.

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