07 October 2008


it's not good to be sick. you feel weak all over and worst of all, you have lots of work to be done right after you are done with your MC.

that's me. i got an MC for yesterday. bad flu and bad cough. luckily my fever subsided. i slept so much yesterday. 3pm-8pm and i continued sleeping at 12am onwards till this morning. never had so much fun sleeping.

work was hectic today as i had to catch up yesterday's work plus i had to tend to an event today. i've got so much work to do that i didn't realise that my ym is disconnected. the icon says i'm online, but in fact when i hover my mouse over it, it disappeared. darn! that explains why no one has been messaging me. quickly got connected and i have a whole bunch of offline messages.

me no like tablets. not nice..

besides that, i know i'm late. it's already the 7th day... but i would still want to wish everyone "SELAMAT HARI RAYA".


haniko said...

Selamat Hari Raya honey..hekhek

Hwei Cheng said...

Hey! I'm just blog hopping.

Lemme tell you the weirdest thing... I actually wish of falling sick, as I have not been sick since...I cannot remember when.... LOL!
Perhaps it is a foolish way to avoid things like assignments and all.....

Get well soon!


rainingheaven said...

hi hwei cheng!

haha.. no no. that's not weird. among us 3 assistants in the office, at one point we actually have "operasi get sick". haha

rainingheaven said...

hope you enjoyed the break

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