22 October 2008

KLPF 2008

kuala lumpur photo festival 2008. i went on the last day - the 19th. met a few friends - both new and old friends. surprisingly met abg din! the last i saw him was when he was shooting for IYC's raya dinner. i was with him most of the time after i lost kyzer in the crowd.

shot amber chia. no one dared to tell me off when i stood on the chair. abg din was behind me telling me to just stand on the chair since i'm so freaking short and with my only kit lens. it's not going to do any good with me tip-toe-ing.

i auditioned for double exposure. not telling you whether i got in or not until i receive an official letter or mail stating so. :)

here's a couple of pictures on amber chia - one of the segment of the day

for more pictures go to my flickr

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