03 October 2008

i love ktm today

i love my ktm ride this morning! it was so wonderful. it was so relax. i walked in, turned my head left and right and then i sat with comfort. there's only a handful of people. compared to my ride on tuesday, this is the BEST! yes, i had to work today.. haha

i can roll from one end of the cabin to another end. i can even sleep on the floor. a friend actually said to me, "why didn't you sleep on the floor and take a picture of yourself? it's not everyday that you can do that?" haha.. unfortunately i already reached my station at that point of time. so..... i did miss that opportunity. maybe i'll do it for some other festive holidays when i have the chance again.

welcome back everyone from holiday and back to reality! ~ you have to go work on monday!



Tokyo BLUE said...

afta this.. kembali sesak with peeps.. hehe

selamat hari raya

rainingheaven said...

i agree with you..

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