18 October 2008

grandpa is in town!

surprise surprise!! grandpa came down to kl yesterday for the mca meeting thus we had dinner with him and my uncle and cousin earlier. here's everyone who was there just now.

clockwise : grandpa, uncle eric, mom, cousin ben, dad, me, mabel and melinda (in specs)

oh ya, not to forget.. did it with photoscape in less than 2 mins. pictures were taken with my nokia 7390. it's been a long while since i last used this function on my phone.

try out photoscape ya.. it's fun!


p o l i n i said...

nice blog.. kirim salam kat atuk ya...

rainingheaven said...

abg polini!

lama tak dgr cite from you.
thanks. will send him your regards.


Hazwan said...

aku sudah guna itu photoscape lama..trus mls mau guna photoshop.haha

rainingheaven said...

hi hazwan! serious? sorry la, lis ni lama tak edit gmbr.. haha.. pc tenat.. sedih.. ni guna pc adik baru tau ade prog ni :)

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