14 October 2008


those 3 other people should be shot to death. how can they be so not responsible by not letting ymca know that they have decided not to come and such. waste the instructor's time, waste so many people's time.

i was so looking forward for tonight. my first sign language class. but thanks to that 3 people, we do not have enough quota to run the class. only 3 of us. can't even do a group presentation. wait, can do, but who is to watch us present?

now i have to wait til next month hopefully there is more people willing to come and take part and then the class can start.

curse you 3 to death. give lousy reason to ymca for not wanting to turn up. is it so difficult to call and tell? ymca has been sending out reminders and such. so hard to reply and say "NOT COMING" is it? hate this kind of people.


Hazwan said...

sign language class? class untuk belajar hand sign ke? hmm

rainingheaven said...

sign language is for the deaf.
your hand sign is the same or is it in the group together with ham call sign?

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