25 September 2008

photography focus

i was asked this question yesterday, "what kind of photography do you focus on?"

without much thought, i just blurted out, "photojournalism...[pause] and macro! i love macro."

after that particular meetup with this reporter who is also a photographer cum videographer, i sat home and thought to myself,

"i've never have really taken pictures that are deemed to be photojournalism. why did i say it? my photos are more of buildings, nature, and macro and what more."

now, this question of his is still in my head. i'm still asking myself, what is my focus in photography but i have yet to find the answer. i just practically wanted to do everything but which photographer does everything? every one of them has a particular focus.

hmm... deep thoughts.


magma3637 said...

just follow your heart (",)y

rainingheaven said...

still searching for it.

marjan said...

Adiku Mel,
Marjan was oso asked the question before? Preveously I oso don't know what to answer. Then I realize that I don't really focus on only a section of photography. I just love photography in general but I give landscape a bit more attention.. that just about it. So my answer to the question is I LOVE THEM ALL... macro,studio,landscape,nite photograpy, sports-panning, HDR, .......... to many to continue

rainingheaven said...

abg marjan.. that's what i was thinking!

Hazwan said...

ramai aja photographer bercita² besar mau into journalism tapi ilmunya xcukup so hasilnya sampah. kalau u into penulisan dan ada minat yang mendalam pasti xde masalah. just komen bodoh dari aku.peace.

rainingheaven said...

hi hazwan!

terima kasih atas komen anda. mana ade komen bodoh. logik jugak. cuma bukan semua org berfikir cara kamu berfikir.

harap dapat berkenalan dengan anda.

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