25 September 2008

he found me

i didn't expect this to happen. well, i supposed i should. he turned to me at the office and said, "i found you in flickr. don't be surprise to receive my mail." haha.. i was surprised. guess what is the body of the mail, "so that's where you put the hanoi pictures. tak share with colleagues. tsk tsk :)"

adei... yes, that's my manager. he found me in flickr when we so happened to drop a comment of a friend's picture with the new nikon d90.

and on our way to our media dinner earlier, this is what he said to me, "i'm going to look for your other hangout spots." adei.. and if he does, he's so going to read this entry. haha

side track------

media dinner with nanyang was great! food was good. conversation was good. i enjoyed myself. happy that everything turned out great!

need to go sleep.. nite nite..


Hasnul Efendi Md Yusof (ANUL) said...

The new D90? put some pictures hereee..=]

thanks 4 visiting my blog

rainingheaven said...

hi anul..
bukan lis nye la. mmb yg punya la.

Farhan said...

haha..kantoi dgn u punya manager..

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