29 September 2008

half day at the emergency unit

had sharp pains on my right stomach (or is it abdomen? whatever!) i couldn't sit up straight, i couldn't bend a 90degrees as it hurt so bad. friends suggested to just check at the GP just to make sure that it's not appendicitis.

the trip to the panel doctor was long though it was only 2 blocks away. i just tried not to think of the pain as it was really hurting me.

the doctor did the test by putting pressure on wherever i claimed it hurt. to her, it is signs of appendicitis but she dared not confirm it is as the sharp pains was only 1 out of the 3 main symptoms (the other two is fever and vomitting). thus she refered me to a specialist/surgeon at the hospital which is convenient for me.

what more, of course i picked hukm since it is so near to home. she prepared the letter and when her receptionist gave me the letter, on the envelope it is written "to the doctor in charge, a&e, hukm" dang! i even asked the receptionist if it meant that i should go now. she said, "it's emergency matters. go now!" silly me.

so back to office, packed my things, tell the boss, tell colleagues and off i'm whisked off to hukm by cab. haha.. and you must be thinking i have a driver. nah!

it was a long half day at hukm. they collected my blood sample on the back of my palm. haha.. silly me managed to asked the nurse, "new needle now?" little did i know that she is not taking the blood sample from the veins where they usually do for those who donate blood. she told me to make a fist and there it is.

she taped the needle on me! i asked her why and she replied, just in case if they need to put in liquid to my body. dang!

gosh.. the wait is long.... my number was 3019. and the number on display is 3011. thinking that it would be fast since it is like 8 people before me i quickly charged my phone at the nearest power point and blast my mp3. then only i realised that the 8 people before me is equals to about 2 hours. darn! i was so blardy bored. thank god for the mp3 and book and the constant message from abg scharewl and edt83 that my time spent felt slightly shorter. thanks fika for the constant calls though there wasn't good coverage and at one point switching of my phone as advised.

no worries everyone! i'm good. though the pain is still here at least it subsided.


Cybermate said...

Hope you are feeling much better now, babe!!!

rainingheaven said...

hey girl! no worries. i'm fine. thanks!

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