06 September 2008

day 4 - bye bye hanoi, hello KL

surprisingly enough i woke up for breakfast. waited for my "neighbours". i rang bell and called but no one answered. thought they were still sleeping. it turns out they were already eating because they didn't want to disturb cindy by ringing the doorbell. dang!

found out we are to check out of hotel at 11.00am for transfer to airport. hwei, sue win and i were to fly back first since we were the last get confirmed tickets. but better in a way coz we'll reach slightly earlier than the others. so while waiting for 11am to come, hwei, cindy, nick and i did a final walk around town. it is the national day for the vietnam and the hotel's receptionist told nick yesterday that parades will only be held in the evening. to our dismay, the parade was held that morning itself! as we reached the town, we see people packing up the PA system, we see men dress in uniforms going their own way, we see empty stages. darn receptionist! we could have gotten good pictures. darn!

grandmas get-together

window panels of a building

i ended up just snapping everything and whatever things. didn't do much shopping as i don't know what to shop for. so that's about it. back to the hotel, a bath and off we go to the airport.

leaving shadows

first time checking in myself and stuff. we were so tired that we slept throughout the flight except for 'makan' time. haha =p noisy take off and landing though. oh well, at least i reached safely. my pilot wasn't encik atif faizi my classmate. he told me he'll be flying to/from hanoi the same day as well when i texted him just before i left kl on the first day which he obviously replied later since i texted him at like 5.30am. haha

everything ends well.

bye bye hanoi
hello kl!

however, WORK the next day!

*pictures unedited

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