05 September 2008

day 3 - back to hanoi

sun rise was a disappointment. the mountains around blocked my previous view of the sun rise. all i managed to see is the orange skies. darn!

those orange skies

before we sail back to the habour, we made a short tour to luon cave to see more rocks and mountains (i wonder why) it leads us to a lagoon surrounded by those same looking mountains. one circle in there and we are out of there!

the view of junk boats from inside the cave passage way

had our final meal which is lunch at 10.45am and we actually and english breakfast at 7.00am. this is because we will be docking at about 12.00pm, that's why. so back to hanoi on a 3-hour ride again. most of us were sleeping all the way.

a boat vendor selling items. DO NOT buy from them.

touched down the grounds of hanoi city, we headed to the temple of literature. it is the first university of vietnam where many students graduated with high flying colours. here, the tomb stones of the professors are the shape of turtles with the stone slab on it which has chinese like characters. i noticed that the turtles are not in consistent shape and david (our tour guide) explained that it that particular year is a rough year, the turtle will be a simple one, much flatter and do not have the lines of the shell compared to the really nice sculptured ones.

one of the many tomb stones


shopping at craftlink! a non-profit organisation in vietnam that sells everything handmade. all bearing the tags "made in vietnam". for once you are sure that items you buy are not made in china. i bought a sling bag and 4 medium-sized pouches for the family. it's nice. seriously. and cheap after converted to MYR for a handmade item.

david rushed us to our last stop dong xuan market as it is nearing closing time. the dong xuan market is a large three-story market to the north of hanoi's old quarters offers a variety of good. there's hundreds of stalls with so many workers and vendors. it is like petaling street in a complex where you can find almost everything you want - fresh produce, dried foods, household goods, appliances, toiletries, clothes and many more. however, items are mostly made in china with vietnamese touch. (i only managed half of the first floor)

dong xuan market (outside)

ah ha! time to fill up our hungry stomachs! head on to this local restaurant that serves buffet! yeah for everyone! we have everything from western to vietnamese. at least if you miss some western food, you can have the spaghetti meatballs or some chinese dishes too! hwei, sue win, owen and me took food enough for the four of us to share so that we will be able to try a variety of food. i tell you something. their chee cheong fun look alike (i have no idea what it is called in vietnamese) dipped in sauce is super yummy!! i am wishing i can have some now.

back to hotel! freshen up and room 107 where i bunked with cindy became the port for big two or chor tai ti once more. i was watching some chinese movie instead. ahaks. i know i's just cute to see vietnamese subtitles since we only have english/bm subtitles. =p

i "passed out" almost 12am (which is 1am malaysian time). too tired.

*pictures unedited

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