04 September 2008

day 2 - halong bay

as everyone is celebrating national day in kl, watching the colourful parade at dataran merdeka, we checked out of hotel (thang long opera hotel) and took a 3-hour ride to halong bay before we board on minh hai junk boat. we had the boat to ourselves because no one else booked the balance rooms. so it is like a private boat for the 12 of us! even before we checked in to the room, we were already all over the boat snapping up and down, in and out. the rooms on the boat has a very oriental touch. but the beds were really hard. good for my back though.

minh hai junk boat with the sails down

the room with oriental touch

the food on the junk was awesome. seafood yum yum! one person each only. too bad. or else i believe most of us would love to have a second helping. we sailed through dog island (it has a rock that looks like a dog).

crabs for lunch!

in the itinerary, it says visit dinh huong island, ga choi island and sail island. but i would never know which is which as all i see were mountains, and more mountains and there were like about 3000 islands there! we climb up sung sot cave - a limestone cave like gua tempurung only smaller. the walls are like waves of the sea. and we were introduced to a rock by the name of "the penis" and little did we realised that straight ahead on the ceiling, there's a "hole" haha. we were laughing like mad because of it.

after all that climbing up and down at the cave, we were back at the boat to freshen up before we head on to titop beach. i didn't go for the dip but instead climb of the look-out point at the top of the hill. gosh.. tired gila! but it was worth it. and poor hwei got stung by a jelly fish.

the rock that greeted us at titop beach

time to be back to the junk to freshen up and enjoy the food! seafood once again. yummy! too hungry and tired to snap pictures of food anymore unlike lunch were we snapped every dish that was placed on the table.

karaoke session time lead by cindy! and also not to forget the big-two (chor tai ti) session. it went up to 11.30pm and we were already tired. body not use to vietnam time. malaysian time was 12.30am. one hour earlier. off to bed we go!

*need to wake up at by 5.30am for sun rise

soyabean (name of my fisheye) made it to halong bay!

*pictures unedited


keropok face said...

uh... i saw my name appeared quite number of times.

rainingheaven said...

of course must got your name la.

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