05 August 2008

routines killed my brain cells

i believe that my daily routine is currently killing my brain cells. i seemed to easily forget to do things/tasks, where i put my items, what i did yesterday, writer's block for blog and poetry, photographer's block for not knowing what to capture and don't know what photo to upload, etc.

i remembered doing 365 days project and then i stopped. omar is wanting me to start that project over. i'm blank on what photos to capture. i can't be taking photos of me in my office for the 365 days. ok, definitely less than that. i need inspirations. i don't want to stop mid way again. really have to start thinking what kinds of photos i should take so that i won't stop blank any of the days. for starters, any ideas?

i'm taking a break from 2009 thinking day postcard exchange. i never really thought of taking a break when i first started. but i really have to skip it this time. registration is open now. but i'll still be on postcrossing. at least i don't have to send out 200 pieces of postcards at one go since postcrossing has a limit of 6 for me (200 currently is the average amount of thinking day postcards i have been sending and receiving for the both 2007 and 2008's exchange).

now is to start finding things to inspire my project.

lucks to me!


cc said...

Sound like a hectic lifestyle.
Look around, inspiration is everywhere and anywhere! :)

rainingheaven said...

thanks! will do. always do.

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