26 August 2008

news from m*k*h

m*k*h is my current company. it's a short form for the lengthy name of a pr agency which a lot of people mistaken it as a legal firm. it's ok. i also had the same thought at the very beginning as i always thought that anything that ends with "& associates" is most likely to be a legal firm.

early news from dear boss before the due of 6 months deadline (september 10 that is), they decided to make me a permanent staff of m*k*h. she and my manager were smiling when giving me the news but i gave no feeling. so i just pretend to be happy and smiled all the way which is so fake. haha...

oh ya.. and i've been given an increment of rm100 which doesn't change the first figure of my salary. my salary still begins with rm1xxx. haha.

apparently when they asked me to rank myself, they said i ranked myself to high. i can't be ranking myself too low or what right. just a digit or two more than the 50-50 and both claimed that i ranked myself too high. then you ranked me and stop asking me to rank myself.

ah.. not bothered la..wait till i master enough of photography skills first before i move further.


Behonce said...

I noe you!! No need to teka! I noe!! Hihihi!!

MKH, I remember that! Lama sungguh since the last I saw you!!

If you need a model for your photographs, I am always ready to pose!!

Tokyo BLUE said...

babe.. later bile u free i bawak u pegi taman upm.. my gosh lawa gile kat ctu.. kang i upload pic lagi.. my fwen tengah edit

rainingheaven said...

behonce : wah wah.. free model!! haha..

tokyo blue : nnt lepas puasa ok? sunday kita gi ok? then u jadi model i plak ok? set ar..

She's Jess said...

Hey, congrats! :)

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