17 August 2008

lomo outing - brickfields

brickfields.. it's been a long time since i really walked the entire brickfields. never knew that there's so much history behind the name brickfields. lomo outing was great. brickfields is filled with chinese temples, indian temples, mosque and even churches. really a religious place suitable for everyone.

fisheye was great. hopefully the pictures will turn out fine. managed to get some pictures with my dslr as well. instead of sharing pictures of heritage buildings and temples of such, i decide to share with you this picture of a cloud which almost all of us took with whatever lomocameras they have.

i just took the picture, checked that it's in frame and walked to take other pictures. only when a friend viewed back my pictures and pointed out that the clouds looked like a gorilla only did i realise. so hopefully everyone's "gorilla" turns out great!

will update buildings later. haha =p


cc said...

Beautiful shot! Looks so hopeful with rays shining through! :)

rainingheaven said...

cc : thanks very much. it was really an accidental picture.

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