07 August 2008

date with thafiexq

i had a great date with thafiexq, a friend i knew from blogsphere. considered a date la ok? walked the whole of mid valley and gardens. it was great meeting up with him. eventhough i have yet to met him except through his picture on myspace, he is easily recognisable from a distance.

and yes, the guy that i saw that looked exactly like him in that advertisement on batik thingy, is indeed him.

thafiexq is funny. obvious enough i can't see his funny-ness through IMs. but he is really funny. always laughing.

anyway, thanks for dropping by mid valley and lucks in your coming theater play at UM.

*aiya..forgot pictures.


Cynthia said...

You are ?

rainingheaven said...

hello. i stumbled upon your blog from rage.

Cynthia said...

Oh I see. Nice to meet you.

Tokyo BLUE said...

heheh malu lah! hehe

rainingheaven said...

cynthia : nice to meet you too!

tokyo blue : eh.. toksah nak malu malu k. tggu next date ngn u je skrg ni

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