24 August 2008

dampen merdeka spirit

it's been raining for the past few days. is it because i was moody that's why it rain? maybe.. but why when i'm happy and waiting to go for a photo outing, it also rains. wasted.

now, i'm going to hanoi n the 30th. speaking of patriotism in my company. ZERO! i don't like the fact that they decided to go for a company trip during this time. i want to watch the parade! i never missed the parade be it on tv or live. and now i have to miss it. i miss singing patriotic songs when the clock struck 12 in front of my tv and i miss singing patrioctic songs when it plays during the parade.

i'm missing my merdeka spirit. will really miss the family outing. plus grandpa is coming down to kl and i'm not going to be able to see him and the rest of my relatives that i seldom see except during chinese new year. i miss my cousins!!

oh darn.. it really sucks to be unable to celebrate merdeka.

oh ya, i found out that there's a new song for this 51st merdeka celebrations but how come i don't see it being played on tv or at public places?

if you are interested to listen to the new and also the old patriotic songs, you can visit the Ministry of Information. but sadly it doesn't comes with lyrics except for the new one. so you'll have to search for the lyrics.. hope that will spread some merdeka spirit in you despite me not being able to celebrate!


Ezreen Emira said...

who wants to talk about patriotism if your country been dictate by bunch of morons?August 31st is meaningless without freedom of speech,and economy recovery in Malaysia.

anyway,hanoi is soooooo exotic that you have be careful with foods and might end up eating squirrel testicles or drinking monkey blood with rice wine.

ha ha,never been to hanoi but watching globe trekker,only ian wright who has guts to eat that kind of stuff.

13may said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Merdeka merdeka merdeka!


rainingheaven said...

ezreen : thanks for the warning. don't even have much cash to change to usd to be brought there.

13may : love your place!

心。葵 said...


i actually really wanna go home. >_<



with the political chaos and horrible rules and everything (though not as bad as other places), it sucks real bad to be that patriotic. until they improve la. :P

rainingheaven said...

sue win : who doesn't want to go home.. me also mah..wait.. home already la for today. tomorrow plak. what to do la.. politics mah..

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