30 August 2008

bye bye kl, hello hanoi

that's right. i'll be flying to hanoi at 6.30am this morning. it's our company trip. a little reluctant to go but oh well...

i hope this will be ok. i don't have a really good feeling about this.

hope weather is great as apparently it is raining.
hope i get good pictures with both my helios and my soyabean.
hope i don't get con.
hope i don't get food poisoning.
hope i'll be alright.
hope everything is going to be alright.

i'll only be back on the night of 2nd september. i'm going to miss merdeka celebrations this year. but wait, how come this time not so happening like before? i wonder.

happy holidays to all!!!
happy merdeka to all!!!

take care!!!



cc said...

Wohoo, happy traveling! :)

Ezreen Emira said...

well,did you ate squirrel testicles and dipped in rice wine monkey blood?

I hope you don't.hik hik!

Nami said...

cik melissa..sila la visit blog sayep:


rainingheaven said...

cc : thanks

ezreen : no testicles. no monkey blood.

nami : yes bos!

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