21 July 2008

media call mistake

i did the most horrible thing today! it was my mistake. my list had utusan malaysia first while my directory had berita harian first in the list. and guess what i did?

i called utusan malaysia to check on the receipt of a fax and an email i sent over. and guess what i said, i mentioned berita harian's email address. goodness gracious! i didn't realise it at all. i thought i called the wrong number when the person said, "you got the wrong company". i was clueless on what happened until i put down the receiver.

i was scolding myself stupid for it. how can i make such a silly mistake! thank god, it was a different person who picked up my call when i called utusan malaysia right after that again.

i must be sure not to make the same mistake again.


cc said...

Made a similar mistake once. Almost had a panic attack right then and there.

p/s: Hello! First time commenting here. :)

rainingheaven said...

hi cc! thanks for the comment.

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