28 July 2008

laman 2008

laman 2008 also known as the malaysia international landscape & garden festival 2008 is not quite up to my standards yet. it's bad i would say. i was there for 2 weekends. still the same.

the most important thing is the signage. i know you have the wonderful map leaflet but signages are also important. at least let people know that they have reached garden expo, where to turn to get to the world of gardens, floral enclave etc. and please.. don't use the keluar/out sign if you do intend to direct people to the world of gardens. everyone thinks they'll be just going out thus they skipped the landscapes. thus the reason i went there yesterday was to hunt for the masjid ubudiah and the labu sayong which i saw in the newspapers. what more i gave up locating the edible garden.

oh ya, not to forget the outside traffic. at least direct people to the available parking spaces. not many people know there was shuttle services thus no one wants to park far as they are afraid of the distance they would have to walk. especially those with tiny tots. the management could have at least put signages like "laman 2008 parking - shuttle available here" simple and direct.

my dad spotted this photography contest at the buletin board next to the ticketing booth just before we leave. apparently, i have to walk all the way back to the organising tent to get more information. can't the ticketing booth has flyers of it? it doesn't take up much space just to put flyers on the counter. and why not put the info on the web as well. i don't see much info on the website.

oh ya..i also saw evaluation boxes but i don't see evaluation forms. why not pass out evaluation forms when people buy tickets and just ask them to throw their forms into the boxes?

it was even in sunday's berita mingguan - "laman 2008 gagal tarik pengunjung : acara disedia tidak menarik" (laman 2008 fails to attract visitors : activities prepared are not interesting) . here are some factors stated in the article.

  • lack of promotion
  • attitude of certain parties
  • public afraid to spend because of the increase of oil prices thus being thrifty

all in all, buck up organisers! signage is important! have ample parking spaces! have enquiry booth also every area - as much as you have the fnb stalls! i'm hoping for the best for year 2010. don't disappoint me and your other visitors year after year again and again. we get tired of it and eventually no one will really want to go anymore.


syntheticsoul said...

Basic event handling things. heheh, the organizer should've known better.

rainingheaven said...

syntheticsoul : yalor. my dad called them for the form and they admit is the organisers fault for failing to do a good job. said they'll email. but they never did. haha.. they definitely suck at even sending out a simple email with an attachment

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