24 July 2008

jusco member's sale @ mid valley

it is jusco mid valley member's sale today. it started from 7am and will end in 30 minutes (12mn that is). as i arrived mid valley early this morning to get to work, i saw that there were already many people at jusco. so many carrying comforters, bedsheets, pillows etc out of jusco. glanced my watch and it was only 8.40am. what the heck, so early and you are all here shopping? take leave to shop is it? never see people so diligently wake up so early to go for member sale compared to going to work. goodness..

the 6.30pm crowd at jusco is terrible. it looks like a pasar malam. you see sales people with their hailers (i am not sure how to spell it) screaming, "80% off. happy hour sale! only for rm10!" yes, it is a rm49.90 sunglasses that you usually see at jusco and with happy hour sale of 80%, the selling price becomes rm10 or rather rm9.90.

the line to the fitting room was longer than ever. the line at the cashiers and extra cashiers that were placed seemed forever. you see ladies picking on bras that are going cheap. you see guys picking on briefs that are going cheap. you see everyone carrying a big pile of clothes heading to the fitting room. i was just browsing. came out with nothing. too pack!

the crowd at ktm is slightly better today. but you see almost everyone in the train carrying at least 3 bags of items bought from jusco. get down at bandar tasik selatan station is another scene. EVERYONE is carrying at least a jusco bag. goodness gracious.

not to forget, this jusco member's sale at mid valley created a big jam outside. full car parks. madness. i know it is cheap. wanted to get a few things but the crowd is crazy! all i could think of is to make sure no one picks my bag/pocket, etc.

i wonder how the people have so much patience to queue up at the fitting room and cashier and they do not have patience on road.

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cc said...

I miss jusco sale! Not the queuing though. LOL

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