23 July 2008

half-day on site

i was out at crowne plaza mutiara hotel first half of the day for my client's launching! turn out from the media was great and they were all on time. this includes the vip who is 30 minutes earlier than schedule and the other guests as well. awesome.

everything start on the dot. there would have been at least about 170 people for the launch which comes with buffet lunch!

and not to forget, every invited guests, vips and the media and not to forget - the pr agency (which is my company) who were present received a door gift. guess what it is! it is a watch with my client's logo (tiny one on the watch) in a really nice box. the watch is great! not bad! must have cost them a lot. no pics of it. i'll try to post it tomorrow ok?

now, i need to sleep. tired like mad


cc said...

It's nice to get freebies from work. Hubby always get them, mainly food, style magazines etc. I'm such a sucker for little things like that. LOL

rainingheaven said...

cc : oh yes, i love freebies too..

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